Treat Your Vertigo and Dizziness with Vestibular Rehabilitation in Delta

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Vestibular rehabilitation is used to treat inner ear and brain disorders causing symptoms such as dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, and visual disturbances (i.e. difficulty reading or blurriness). Some common vestibular disorders include:

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, or BPP
  • Labyrinthitis or Neuritis
  • Meniere’s Disease
  • Concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome

A vestibular therapist uses an exercise-based approach to treat vestibular disorders. Since the vestibular system’s main functions include balance and the coordination of eye movements, exercises are designed to target these two areas. Come see our therapist for vestibular rehabilitation at our facility in Delta to treat your vertigo, imbalance, and other symptoms.

What should I expect during the assessment?

Before your assessment begins, we will ask you to fill out a few questionnaires to help guide your assessment and treatment; these will be given to you when you arrive.

The vestibular therapist will look at several aspects affected by the vestibular system, including balance, gait, and sensitivity to motion. Eye movements will also be assessed, both in room light and under infrared goggles.

The assessment typically lasts 45-60 minutes. After the assessment, you may find your symptoms temporarily become worse. For this reason, we recommend someone comes with you to your first appointment.

Once the assessment is completed, a customized treatment plan will be designed for you. Typically, this includes exercises that you will be expected to do at home. It may also include a maneuver used to correct BPPV if needed.

For more information on vestibular rehabilitation, visit us in Delta, or visit The Vestibular Disorders Association at

Our physiotherapist, Shannon Hutchinson is specially trained to help you in vestibular rehabilitation.

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