Pelvic Floor Physio in Delta, BC

What is pelvic floor physiotherapy?

Pelvic floor, or pelvic health, physiotherapy treats muscles, nerves, and tissues located in the pelvic region between your belly button and thighs. Pelvic floor dysfunction is when you are unable to control the muscles located in your pelvic floor due to tight or weak muscles. It can include conditions such as prolapse, incontinence, and constipation.

Pelvic Floor Symptoms

Is pelvic floor physiotherapy right for you? Seek help from our Delta clinic if you suffer from any of the following symptoms chronically:

  • Problems holding in urine when you sneeze, cough, laugh, or exercise
  • Frequent or sudden need to use the bathroom
  • Pain during urination
  • Constipation
  • Ongoing pelvic pain in the tailbone, lower back, hips, genital area, or buttocks
  • Pain during or after sexual intercourse
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pressure and bulging in the pelvis, rectum, or vagina

How does pelvic floor physiotherapy help?

Many people are embarrassed to talk about their symptoms or believe it is an inevitable part of aging and giving birth. It is a common problem that can be corrected with proper pelvic floor treatment. We can help you treat incontinence after childbirth, urination issues, pelvic pain, prostate problems, and sexual intercourse issues.

Our physiotherapists access your current situation and prescribe the best course of treatment given your circumstance and needs. Schedule an appointment at our Delta clinic today to ease your pelvic floor problems.

Our pelvic floor physiotherapy is provided by our registered physiotherapist, Nicole Coffey.

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