IMS / Dry Needling for Pain Management in Delta, BC

What is IMS / dry needling?

Dry needling and IMS (intramuscular stimulation) therapy use a thin filament needle to press into tight muscles for pain management. At our Delta clinic, we combine the science of physiotherapy and acupuncture by inserting the needle into muscles that are sensitive or have active trigger points to cause a twitch to occur and release the muscle.

How does this treat your pain? The insertion of the needle into a healthy muscle won’t often cause much discomfort for the client, most barely feeling the insertion of the needle. For a muscle bothering the client, the insertion most likely will cause a muscle cramp or twitch response. This is your muscle contracting, followed by an immediate or slow release. This sensation can deactivate the trigger point to reduce pain and restore the muscle back to functioning normally.

What does dry needling treat?

Dry needling is designed to treat chronic pain for muscles that constantly feel tight. This treatment can be used for acute and chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, and pain prevention. From hip to shoulder, dry needling is designed to treat pain management across your body with little to no side effects.

Typically, results become apparent after 2-4 treatment sessions but vary on the condition and duration of the client’s symptoms. If your muscles become tight and painful after doing activities such as stretching, or you suffer from a sports-related injury, IMS / dry needling may be the course of treatment you’re looking for. Call our clinic in Delta to learn more about how dry needling can help you.

Our physiotherapists, Alison Stillwell and Sarah Macey, are certified in IMS / dry needling to help you with your pain management.

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